Curriculum Methods

Drag and Drop: Add a reading, guest student/faculty lecture, Food for Thought, or an assignment with a globalized focus.


Rob Kaulfuss – Professor of Economics, Lecture on China and the Global Economy

Gail Mooney – Professor Humanities (Retired), Chinese poetry readings and assignments


Infuse: With research and thought include a 1-3 week module that addresses new course outcomes on intercultural perspectives through readings, discussion, and activities.


David Kalivas – Professor of World History and Director of the Commonwealth Honors Program: Conversations on How to Infuse Module on Atlantic Slave Trade

Dona Cady, Professor of Humanities, 2 week unit on Shakespeare that stresses cultural connections with Dao of the Dane


Revise: Heavy lifting but ultimately rewarding as revision shifts the cultural perspective of the entire course, empowering students to interact with cultural sensitivity, be civically engaged, and communicate effectively across cultures.


Gail Mooney – Professor of Humanities (Retired), integrated with performing fine arts, Chinese poetry

Karen Oster – Chair of Performing Fine Arts, integrated with Humanities, Theatre Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism

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