FYE Seminar Student Reflections

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Below are excerpts from reflections from students enrolled in the IDS 101-Freshman Seminar...

"This class is vital for a new college student. It showed me how to survive in a college atmosphere, and helped me discover what it takes to be a good student."

"Thanks to this class I've learned about different activities that are offered at Middlesex. It's important to get involved, or reach out and ask for help if you need it."

"I learned a lot this year. I discovered how to stay on track until the very end, no matter what. Even with a lot on my plate, I managed my classes pretty well and learned from my mistakes."

"In this class I've learned that it's important to learn to manage your time because if you can't, you fall behind. I watched a lot of people drop classes. If I didn't figure out how to manage my time, I  feel I would have become one of them."

"Once again, this class is teaching me more than I ever imagined. Who knew that a simple 1 credit course could be so incredibly life-changing for me as a student. I couldn't be more grateful for the things I am learning through this course."

"I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed taking this class. I have learned so many things and have made improvements based on the topics of this course. Even though there was a lot to cover in such a short amount of time, I was never overwhelmed but was excited instead."

"I am sad that this class is coming to an end, but I am hopeful for my future here at MCC. I will take the lessons I have learned in this class and use them with each new course I take."

"I want to thank you for a wonderful short semester. I have learned a lot about resources and especially on how to study effectively. I will recommend this class to my colleagues. I know what I have learned in this semester will help me move forward to becoming a better student and a nurse."

"I felt that I should write to you about my opinion of the course. I've learned much more than I thought I would, especially about myself. While some of the material is Middlesex-specific I think that the other lessons could be found useful by anybody at any point in their life, not just first-year college students. Overall, a very well-structured course whose lessons I look forward to applying at UMass and my future career."

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your patience and encouragement throughout this course. I learned a lot new valuable skills in such a short period of time and looking forward to applying them in this upcoming fall semester."

"Being a mother, teacher, and student can be slightly overwhelming for me at times. I take that feeling and use it to push myself towards my goals. This class has really opened my eyes to many resources that I believe could help me with all the parts of my life."

Peter Maskaluk, FYE faculty, who also teaches English courses at MCC, describes his experience teaching the linked IDS 101 course during the spring semester...

"I believe that the most important aspect of the linked courses is the companionship that the students felt towards one another. They truly modeled the notion of being "in this together".

Another aspect of the linked course that was important was the Peer Champion. Having the same Champion in both of the linked courses was a priceless experience for all involved. It allowed the students to feel more comfortable in a shorter amount of time.

The attendance in my class was very high. More than half the class didn't miss one day of class. Even when one of the students was absent, the others made it a point to tell me and to ask for an extra copy of any handouts. I believe that, in addition to the closeness of the class, the fact that the linked course was directly before my IDS course helped with attendance The student I mentioned who was not enrolled in the linked course, however, had four absences throughout the semester.

Academically, my class was extremely motivated. As far as IDS curriculum goes, they were very involved and insightful. The discussions in my class were always productive for all. Even if a student was not involved in a particular discussion, it was clear that the insight of the rest of the class was absorbed by all. I would, again, connect this to the relationships built between them all. There were times when one student would help another student by explaining a difficult topic in a different way. I am also convinced that having the Peer Champion in both classes helped these students not just pass, but to truly flourish.


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