Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative Program

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The Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (ICEI) Program at Middlesex Community College is a dual enrollment opportunity for high school students with intellectual disabilities, ages 18* to 21, who attend a participating school district.
New students begin by using public transportation to spend two full days on campus and auditing a course which does not carry prerequisites. Students enrolled in the ICEI Program attend MCC for one to four semesters and create individual plans which include academic, personal, career and social goals.

Students enrolled in the ICEI Program receive:

  • Specialized enrollment, registration and academic advising
  • Community-based employment and individualized career support
  • Educational coaches and peer mentors
  • Participation in selected co-curricular events at UMass Lowell
  • Full access to MCC clubs, student activities, Fitness Center and academic resources

Students enrolled in the ICEI Program work towards increasing:

  • Independence and Confidence
  • Social and Communication Skills
  • Friendships and Networks
  • Campus Life Involvement
  • Competitive Employment Skills
  • Student Success Skills
  • Wellness and Accomplishment

The ICEI Program is supported by the MAICEI state-funded grant awarded to MCC, LABBB Collaborative and Bedford Public Schools for the academic years 2014-2020. *18 and 19 year old students must NOT have passed MCAS

Contact Information:

Pat Bruno, Associate Dean of Student Support Services

Dawn Gross, ICEI Program Coordinator

Last Modified: 10/22/19