Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Education for Seniors

   Fall 2017 Opening Session

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 from 2:00p - 3:45p
Keynote:  Artist Cathy McLaurin

Middlesex Community College 

Cafe East, Campus Center, Building 8
591 Springs Road, Bedford, MA  01730

Opening Session is free and open to the public. Refreshments served.  

Cathy's artwork connects history and current social issues with notions of values, morals, national identity, philanthropy, kinship, and legacy. Through extended relationships with personal and institutional entities, along with research in archives and libraries, She challenges the systems that underpin complex social concerns. This manifests in ongoing projects that result in series of objects, installations, and performances. Exhibitions of the work are opportunities to push the narrative forward, allowing this history to exist within the conversation of art, thus providing space for contradictions.  Cathy is Special Projects & Elizabeth A. Beland Gallery Director
at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence, MA.

Fall 2017 class schedule TBA by September 25

 *Please note: ALL COURSES ARE 2pm- 4pm unless otherwise stated in the semester brochure schedule and all MILES members are able to access the Student Parking Lots.  Most classes are held in Henderson Hall, which is located right next to Student Parking Lot A.  PARKING INFORMATION

Questions? Call 781-280-3663 or 781-280-3570 or E-Mail Us

Fee Schedule: Pay per class. Register for each course individually for a $15 per class fee with a maximum fee of $95 for the semester. Our enrollment staff will automatically calculate the maximum fee at $95 max if you register for more than six classes. For example:

1 class = $15
2 classes = $30
3 classes = $45
4 classes = $60
5 classes = $75
6 classes = $90
7+ classes = $95

Please provide a valid phone number and e-mail address when registering. To enroll call 1-800-818-3434. 

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