Customer Service/Hospitality

NEW! Customer Service Certificate Program
In today's competitive environment, profit and non-profit organizations will face operational and financial challenges with employees who are not trained and motivated to provide exceptional customer service. Participants may enroll in any or all modules listed below.  Participants must complete all 4 classes for a certificate of completion                                    

The Importance of Exceptional Customer Service
Customer Services is vital to a business because it is often the only contact a customer has with a business.  Students will be provided realistic examples on how to deliver exceptional customer service, which can differentiate your business from competitors and provide you with better financial success. (2 hours) $49                                    

 4/19                   6:30pm - 8:30pm               Thursday         Bedford                ROMANO
CAR 873 30            19111                             HH 112

The Five Pillars of Effective Customer Engagement
Each pillar of effective customer engagement represents a customer-training milestone and when practiced in the work environment, will better enable students to create an interaction with the customer that will increase trust, appreciation and satisfaction. (2 hours) $49                                    

4/26                   6:30pm - 8:30pm               Thursday         Bedford              ROMANO
CAR 874 30            19112  
                                HH 112

The Importance of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
Students will be taught the importance of customer service messaging delivered verbally and through non-verbal communications. Students will be paired with other students for this interactive exercise and training session. (2 hours) $49                                    

5/03                   6:30pm - 8:30pm               Thursday         Bedford                ROMANO
CAR 875 30            19113                             HH 112

Turning the Difficult Customer into a Cheerleader
Students will be trained in defusing a dissatisfied, angry or hostile customer through the art of the apology and other customer engagement tactics. (2 hours) $49                                    

5/10                    6:30pm - 8:30pm              Thursday           Bedford             ROMANO
CAR 876 30         19114                                HH 112   






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