NEW ONLINE Learn How to Apply Your Prom Make up

It is time to sparkle and shine and learn how to do your own prom makeup.  Learn how to apply products and create a unique look to make your vision a reality.  Learn some professional tips that will highlight your best feature and have you looking picture perfect on your special night.  This class is designed for anyone going to formal event.  (1.5 hours) $65

05/06              5:00pm - 6:30pm             Thursday             Web Course      
Course Number: PER 978 30       CRN: 19932         Professor: HAHN


NEW ONLINE Spring Make Up Trends
Are you up to date on the latest make up trends?  Not sure which brush or tool to use for different applications to create a certain look?  This class will cover current make up trends, professional tips and tricks and creating looks to enhance your style. (6 hours) $95 

03/02 - 03/23    5:00pm - 6:30pm             Tuesday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 995 75       CRN: 19996         Professor: HAHN

NEW ONLINE Partner Dancing 101
Welcome to ‘Partner Dancing 102’!!  In this exciting 5, week course, you and your partner will be able to learn how to have an amazing time on the dance floor!!  LEADERS get to LEAD, so that their partners do not have to!  This course is for beginner and intermediate level dancers, and we will learn popular social dances (Salsa, Hustle, and Swing/Lindy Hop).  Sign up and let us get this PARTY started!! (5 hours) $175 – this price is for 2 people

01/11 - 02/15    6:45pm - 7:45pm             Monday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 996 75       CRN: 19997         Professor: MARTINEZ


NEW ONLINE The Dance Workout
Want to work out but do not want to be stuck at the gym?  This program is for you!!  Learn the popular social dances, Salsa, Hustle, Lindy Hop, and get an amazing workout!!  NO PARTNER NEEDED!!  In this 5-week course, you will learn how to effectively burn calories, make it FUN, and learn how to dance at the same time!!  (5 hours) $125

01/11 - 02/15    8:00pm - 9:00pm             Monday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 997 75       CRN: 19998         Professor: MARTINEZ



NEW ONLINE Intro to Boxing

In this intro to boxing course you will be learning the fundamentals of the sweet science. We will begin by developing a proper form and stance depending on whether you are right-handed left-handed or ambidextrous. We will also go over how to correctly throw punches as well as defending them. Because boxing is as physically demanding as it is fun, we will be implementing specific cardio and strength exercises to condition your body for the sport. At the completion of this course you will have a new and exciting routine to add to your workout regimen. And for those interested in competing in the sport of boxing, this course should motivate you to confidently walk into any gym and take your boxing experience to the next level.  (12 hours) $150  ** Hand wraps and gloves reccomended but not required**

02/09 - 03/16    5:00pm - 7:00pm             Tuesday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 998 75       CRN: 20034         Professor: Macias


Last Modified: 1/10/21