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Name: Thang Thai

Picture of Thang

Major Program of Study:
Business Administration Transfer

Why Middlesex?
With a better understanding of my life goals, I became focused and motivated to come back to school engaged and ready to become a leader in today’s economy and society.

Why business administration?
I was already interested in business through dealings in Asia, but my uncle helped confirm my direction by encouraging my pursuit of a business career.

Favorite MCC class:
General Biology with Dr. Mariluci Bladon. Even though I am pursuing business, I am also interested in science and the entertainment industry.

Favorite MCC moment:
Going to China as part of MCC’s China Fellowship Program. Not only was I able to experience a totally different culture from America, but also the rewarding connections and life stories I shared with the other students and advisors.

Future plans?
I hope to earn my master’s degree and own businesses in Asia and the U.S.

Last Modified: 8/2/21