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Name: Victoria Cespedes

Picture of Victoria

Major Program of Study:    
Criminal Justice

Why Middlesex?
I wanted to save money, so I enrolled at MCC and plan to transfer to UMass Lowell.            

Why Criminal Justice?
I have always wanted to do something with the law. It fascinates me!

Favorite MCC class:
Law, Justice & Society with Professor Lynda Pintrich. It’s a really exciting class and motivates me to come to school.

Favorite MCC moment:
When magician Justin Kredible came to campus. It was wonderful ­– I had never seen a magician, so I looked like a little kid with all the “ooohs” and “aaahs!”    

Future plans?
I hope to become a correctional officer and transfer to either UMass Lowell or John Jay College in New York.

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