CPT Preparation and Review

CPT Prep - Reading

Each student interested in enrolling in courses at Middlesex Community College must take a Computerized Placement Test (CPT) in Reading, Writing and Math. The following is an interactive program designed to provide information on basic skills tested on the Reading CPT along with a series of diagnostic questions.


You can also download a CPT Preparation Packet for Reading. Practice questions on the packet start on page 11. After you complete the questions you can make an appointment with a Reading tutor to go over your answers and work with you to improve your reading comprehension.

CPT Prep - Writing

Download the CPT Preparation Packet for Writing. The packet explains the scoring process and includes tip sheets for writing a five paragraph essay, a thesis statement and much more. After you review the packet you can make an appointment with a Writing tutor to simulate the Writing CPT test. Our tutors will then provide feedback on your essay and make recommendations.

CPT Prep - Math

You can also review for the math test with MyMathTest, an online program that has sample tests designed for MCC students. The program contains a study plan based on your responses and includes videos and other resources to help you understand the problems. To take advantage ofMyMathTest, you will need to register online. You will also need a valid email address and a student access code.  Click here  for instructions.

The Math Centers, Reading Labs and Writing Centers in Bedford and Lowell provide one-on-one tutoring and "Review Packets" that provide some practice problems for the placement test. The Bedford location is in the Bedford Library Rm LIB7A and LIB7B and in Lowell in the City Building in room 406B. You can drop in or call for an appointment. The Bedford Math Center can be reached at 781-280-3707, and the Lowell Center at 978-656-3368. The Bedford Reading Lab can be reached at 781-280-3727, and the Lowell Reading Lab at 978-656-3364. The Bedford Writing Center can be reached at 781-280-3727 and the Lowell Writing Center at 978-656-3365.


Last Modified: 4/18/14