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Student leadership opportunities include a wide variety of activities, including (clockwise from top left): the Paul Sullivan Institute "Leadership in Action" farewell reception;
biotechnology students visiting Northeastern University; enjoying pizza during an outing to Laser Craze; marching in the annual Bedford Day Parade; and volunteering at
Spring Fling 2016.
of skills or traits, it's not a position you
take it's a process," said Newell.
"These aren't just student-development
concepts, they are human-development
concepts, and that happens over a
Using the seven values in the Social
Change Model, MCC's Student
Engagement Office strives to create
meaningful experiences for students. In
some cases, these leadership values are
taught directly through credit-bearing
Interdisciplinary Studies courses, like
the Diversity Summit, which brings
students together to engage in open and
interactive dialogue about such topics
as race, gender, religion, socio-economic
status, and sexual orientation.
Or, they can be shared through noncredit
seminars that touch upon these values,
like the Navigators Leadership Program,
a free six-week noncredit workshop that
exposes students to leadership concepts
they can apply while at MCC and in
the future.
"These types of direct experiences
are very intentional. They allow us to
address the seven points of the Social
"Students need to be exposed to leadership
concepts from multiple touchpoints in
the classroom, at social events, through
academic and co-curricular clubs so they
will have a greater breadth of knowledge and
understanding of the world around them."
Rebecca Newell
Assistant Dean of Students
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