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2017 Commencement
his year's Commencement Speaker will be Robert Kenyon
(Class of 1996), Biogen's Vice President of North American
Manufacturing Operations. He will also be presented the 2017
Distinguished Alumni Award.
Kenyon enrolled in MCC's innovative Biotechnology Technician Program
as part of a federal program for dislocated defense workers. In October
1994, at the conclusion of the six-month program, he was placed in an
internship on the manufacturing floor at Biogen.
Eleven months later, he was hired full time, working the 11 p.m.
to 7 a.m. overnight manufacturing shift. There were 30 people working
in manufacturing at that time. Today, he supervises the company's
manufacturing facilities and general operations sites in Research Triangle Park, N.C., home to
approximately 1,300 employees.
Kenyon continued his education while he worked, earning his associate degree from MCC in 1996 and in
2000 his bachelor's degree in biomedical laboratory and clinical sciences from Boston University.
"Middlesex really set me up well," he said. "I was in school learning concepts about the business in the
classrooms and in the labs, and then going to work at night and seeing it all in practice. I really took to
manufacturing this intersection of biology and engineering."
As Vice President of North American Manufacturing Operations, Kenyon oversees drug substance
manufacturing, drug product manufacturing, North American external manufacturing, and North American
facilities for the company.
Kenyon serves on the board of the Biogen Foundation and on the executive committee and board of directors
of the North Carolina Biosciences Organization. He is a member of MCC's Biotechnology Advisory Board,
the Parenteral Drug Association, and the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.
A New Hampshire native, Kenyon now lives in North Carolina with his wife and two dogs.
10 a.m. Thursday, May 25
Lowell Memorial Auditorium, 50 E. Merrimack St.
Speaker: Alum Robert Kenyon
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