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iddlesex has been transforming
lives for more than 40 years, starting
in 1972 when 230 graduates walked
across the stage at the first Commencement.
Last year, more than 1,500 grads earned
degrees and certificates.
Now, with the help of the new MCC Alumni
Association, the Advancement Office hopes
to improve alumni engagement. Formed
in August, under the auspices of the MCC
Foundation, the association is focused on
strengthening the connection between alumni and the college,
according to Jim Henderson, Chairman of the MCCF Board of Trustees.
"The Alumni Association will provide a formal way of reaching
out to alumni to include them in MCC activities," said Henderson.
"We hope we will be able to use this new association to promote
more alumni participation."
Governed by a 23-member volunteer board, the Alumni
Association has elected four officers: Gail Tuzzolo,
president; Sheri Denk, vice president; Scot Weisman,
treasurer; and Diego Garcia, secretary.
The new association's immediate goals are tracking
down former students and graduates who have been
out of touch, and offering networking and career-
development opportunities. The group also hopes to
build on the MCC Foundation's fundraising pool for
boosting programming and scholarships by tapping into
alumni resources.
"Formation of the Alumni Association will enhance the efforts of the
Advancement Office," said Amy Lee, Director of Annual Giving &
Alumni Relations. "Through its efforts there will now be additional
ambassadors out in the community, raising awareness of both the
college and the MCC Foundation."
Jennifer Myers
It's Offi
cial: Middlesex
Now Has an Alumni Association
Gail Tuzzolo
Class of 1976
Las Vegas
Program of study at MCC:
Arts; I went on to Salem State
College and Suffolk University
Law School.
Owner of two public
affairs fi rms.
Reason for serving on the Alumni
Association Board:
It is a direct
opportunity to give back to an
institution that gave me my
start. I hope to participate in
any way that will add value to
the students and staff.
Sheri Denk
Class of 1990
Program of study at MCC:
Arts & Sciences; bachelor's
degree in American Studies,
Smith College; master's degree
in community social psychology,
UMass Lowell
Civic Engagement
Specialist at MCC
Reason for serving on the Alumni
Association Board:
I believe there
are many ways alumni will be
a resource for our students,
staff and faculty. I hope the
Alumni Association will
advocate in a variety of ways
for community colleges.
Scot Weisman
MCC 2008-2014
North Billerica
Program of study at MCC:
in Computer Science classes to
prepare for graduate school.
Mortgage Lending
Assistant at Enterprise Bank
Reason for serving on the Alumni
Association Board:
I hope to
have an active voice in the
Middlesex community to ensure
that MCC continues to be a
place that changes lives in such
positive ways.
Diego Garcia
Class of 2016
Program of study at MCC:
Biotechnology Technician
certifi cate and associate
degree; currently working on
a bachelor's degree at Boston
University in biomedical
laboratory and clinical sciences
Student, and
Laboratory Services Coordinator
at Concert Pharmaceutical
Reason for serving on the Alumni
Association Board:
I hope to build a better network
of alumni that can connect
to each other, strengthening
relations for former, current and
future students.
ALUMNI Association Board Offi cers
Members of the Middlesex Alumni Association.
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