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to get more involved on campus. But
Germinari was struggling academically.
"I knew pretty quickly engineering
wasn't for me, but I didn't know what I
wanted to do," he said. "So I made the
choice to take some time off," he said.
During that time, Germinari did a lot of
jobs house cleaning, shoveling snow
off roofs, cleaning dishes at night.
"There is no shame in that kind of work,
but it showed me I wanted more from
life," he said. "And as much as I didn't
like taking the time off because it set
me back, it really helped me define
what I didn't want to do," he said.
During his time away, he stayed in
contact with his MCC friends and
thought about what he wanted to study.
"I never liked it when someone told me
to just pick something I wanted to do,"
he said. "I can't just pick one thing."
So, he decided to pursue business.
"There is a lot of variety and opportunity
in the business industry," he said.
Germinari took a summer class to get
back into the swing of academics, and
in the fall of 2015, he came back to
MCC stronger and more determined
than ever. "This time, I knew exactly
what I wanted to do," he said. "I
wanted to make a difference for myself
and for my community."
He is now a Business Administration
student on track to graduate in the fall
of 2017. And he's more involved than
ever. He's enrolled in the "Leadership
In Action" course, serves as a board
member for SUGA, is treasurer of the
Outdoor Adventure Club, is a board
member for the Asian Students in
Alliance group, and serves as captain
for an intramural volleyball team.
"Getting involved has opened my mind
to so many things," said Germinari.
"I've been fortunate to meet so many
inspirational people in the community
and at the college. Hearing their stories,
which were so similar to mine, helped
me feel like I really belong here," he
Through all of this, Germinari's parents
have been supportive. "My mom always
believed in me and always told me that
I could do anything if I put my mind to it.
Even if it was something small like a
video game if I couldn't pass a level,
I would complain and say, `I can't do it.'
She would come over to me and tell me,
`Don't say that. You can do it.' It's like
that with everything I do."
This influence and support is what
drives Germinari. "Education is more
than just getting a diploma and getting
a job," he said. "My end goal in life
is to be a good role model for when I
have my own family. I want to be able
to tell my kids about all the things that
happened to me, and show them that if I
can get through all of it, so can they."
This is something he's already sharing
with others. After clearing it with his
sister, he brought his niece and nephew
to campus for a day to show them what
college is all about.
"It was a great experience for me and
for them," he said. "I took them to
classes with me they even did some
of the work. Then we went to a student
government meeting. They got to meet a
lot of different people and got tips from
other student leaders.
"When they're older, they aren't going
to remember they missed one day of
high school, they're going to remember
the day their uncle took them to college
to show them they can do anything."
Tura Linderholm
After re-enrolling at Middlesex in 2015, Business Administration student David Germinari has become very active in campus activities, including (left to right): hiking New
Hampshire's Mount Monadnock as part of an excursion sponsored by the Center for Health & Wellness; joining other MCC students at the State House to ask local legislators to
increase funding for public higher education; and marching in the annual Bedford Day Parade.
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