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Alumni Profile
A talented actor, Rojo appeared in many Theater Department productions, including "Chicago," "Damn Yankees,"
"Ring Around the Moon" and "The Rimers of Eldritch."
hen Carla Rojo graduated from Lowell
High School in 2008, she was all set
to go to UMass Dartmouth to study
psychology. But a few weeks before she was
supposed to move, she backed out.
"It didn't feel right," said Rojo. "I didn't know
exactly what I wanted to do, and I really
didn't want to waste a lot of money or time
doing something I didn't like." Instead, she
enrolled at Middlesex.
"To be completely honest, it wasn't my
first choice, but I knew it was the best
choice," she said. However, Rojo soon found
herself struggling in all her classes. "I felt
confused and unsure of my future," she said.
"I was working as a waitress and that pretty
much consumed my life. I put school on the
back burner."
After a year, Rojo lost her financial aid and
decided to take a break from college. During
her time away from school, she attended a
friend's MCC graduation. While listening to
Commencement Speaker Liz Murray address
the Class of 2010, sharing her story of going
from homelessness to Harvard, Rojo knew she
wanted to get back to class.
"That speech really inspired me," she said. "It
helped me realize all the sacrifices that had
been made for me, and that I was wasting an
opportunity. So, I decided to go back to school
and this time Middlesex was my
first choice."
That summer, Rojo quit waitressing and
got a job as a teller at Sage Bank in
downtown Lowell. The bank was willing to
work around her class schedule, so Rojo
re-enrolled in the fall of 2010 to
study communications.
"The first thing I did when I got back to
campus was find the TRIO office," said Rojo.
During high school, she had been involved in
the federal program that targets and supports
low-income and first-generation students.
MCC's TRIO Student Success Program
provides support services including
individual tutoring, and academic and career
advising and assistance with transfer and
Following Her Passion from
Stage to Television News
Alumna Carla Rojo (Class of 2012) is a bilingual, on-air reporter for Univision Boston.