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NISOD Excellence Award Recipients 2015
I believe in the power of education to improve
people's lives. I try to instill in my students the
feeling that all is possible with hard work. The
conversations about their dreams for the future,
the "thank you" messages, and their stories of
success are the best reward and motivation.
Professor, Mathematics
Excellent community colleges offer students
a touch point. This is achieved by creating a
welcoming environment, where students can feel
safe and supported. I am honored to be one of
those "touch points" where students can share
their triumphs, fears and experiences as they
learn to successfully navigate their academic,
personal and professional life.
Director, TRIO Program for
Student Achievement
My belief in my students' abilities and my desire
to help them achieve their goals is what guides
me every day. I feel so fortunate to be a part of
this process. I recognize the importance of every
student interaction, and I strive to make those
meaningful and relevant.
Hospitality Management
Program Coordinator
maria arambel
aimee rusman
kim morrissey
Sixty-four Middlesex students, with
GPAs of 3.7 or higher, were inducted
Phi Theta Kappa
, the national
honor society for two-year colleges.
Recognized during the PTK Spring
Induction Ceremony on the Bedford
campus, the new honor society
members were welcomed by Clea
Andreadis, MCC's Associate Provost
of Instruction and Assessment.
President James Mabry, Phil
Sisson, Provost and Vice President
of Academic and Student Affairs,
and David Kalivas, Director of MCC's
Commonwealth Honors Program,
gave opening greetings. Karen
Oster, Chairwoman of Performing
Arts, gave the keynote address.
Leading the induction of new
members were PTK President
Diana Santana, Vice President
Pui Lo, and Secretary Evan Rees.
During the ceremony, each
student was called on stage to
light a candle and receive their PTK
certificate from President Mabry. As
a group, the members recited the
PTK Initiation Pledge. Steven Rossi,
Director of Leadership Development
& Student Activities, gave closing
remarks. A reception with friends
and family followed the ceremony.
The new members join the 110 MCC
students who were inducted into
PTK in the fall semester.
Phi Theta Kappa
Spring Induction Ceremony