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Philip J. Sisson
, Provost and Vice
President of Academic & Student Affairs,
joined President Barack Obama and
hundreds of college presidents and higher-
education leaders to announce new actions
to help more students prepare for, and
graduate from, college at The White House
College Opportunity Day of Action. Held
last December, the summit highlighted
MCC's college-readiness partnership program with JFYNetWorks at Lowell
High School. In the 2013-14 school year, 427 LHS students were able to
eliminate 130 remedial college courses and saved $68,640 in remedial
tuition and fees through the JFYNetWorks/Middlesex partnership.
Jennifer Aradhya
, Director, Marketing Communications, and
Kathy Register
, Senior Writer/Editor, presented "The New Social
Media Mission: Creating Social Experiences that Build Community" in
October at the annual District 1 Conference of the National Council of
Marketing & Public Relations, held in National Harbor, Maryland.
Recent work by
Yary Livan
, Kiln Project Coordinator and Ceramics
Instructor, will be featured in "Cambodian Ceramics from the Studio of
Yary Livan & Lowell Schools," on view through April 24 at the Lowell
Telecommunications Corp. Gallery, 246 Market St., Lowell. The exhibit
is supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and
premieres Livan's ceramic "Naga Lintel," which was inspired by the stone
carvings of Banteay Srei Temple in Cambodia. "Naga Lintel" will later
grace MCC's Kiln Project site, located on the grounds of Lowell National
Historic Park, as a public art installation.
Rick Pozniak
, Adjunct Instructor in Communications, was
interviewed by National Public Radio on how effectively President Obama
is communicating with the nation about the U.S. military strikes against
terrorist strongholds in Syria, and the public relations crisis hitting the
National Football League over domestic violence.
Ashli Ree
, Assistant Professor/Program
Coordinator Fashion Merchandising,
together with three colleagues from New
York's Teachers College at Columbia
University, presented at XI International
Transformative Learning Conference,
held in October at Teachers College.
Their presentation was titled, "Selecting Supportive Spaces for Personal
Transformation: A Reflection on How Personality Characteristics and Past
Experience Impact Support Group Success."
Deborah Walsh
, Assistant Dean of Business, Entrepreneurship &
Legal Studies, presented "EPortfolios in the Paralegal Curriculum" at the
National Association for Paralegal Education conference, held in November
in Las Vegas.
Cheryl Hunter
, English faculty, presented a paper in October, titled
"Moral Choices and the Heroic Life," at the New England Popular Culture
Association Conference at Providence College, Rhode Island.
Terry Downes
, Executive Director of
the MCC Program on Homeland Security,
has appeared frequently WBZ News-radio
in Boston and WCAP Radio in Lowell,
providing background and analysis on topics
ranging from ISIS, the 2012 Benghazi Raid,
and lone-wolf terrorism inside the U.S.,
to terrorist attacks in Canada, Australia and against the French satirical
magazine Charlie Hebdo.
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