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Student Profile
Miranda Cashman
Mixing a Love of Acting & Writing
with a Passion for Math and Science
he's a talented writer, who creates award-winning short stories,
plays, poems and essays, including one published in the recent
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards anthology, "The Best Teen Writing
of 2013."
A skilled actress, she takes on roles from Shakespeare to Broadway
musicals to Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. She also maintains a 4.0
average in honors classes at Middlesex, serves as a Commonwealth
Honors Student Ambassador, and tutors classmates in Professor
Joanna DelMonaco's "Trigonometry for Engineering & Science" class.
Cashman could be arrogant about her success. Instead, she seems
unaffected by all she's accomplished, saying simply, "I'm an
independent learner who enjoys exploring many things."
Born in China, Cashman was adopted as an infant by Christina
Cashman, a Concord attorney. "Mom always wanted a child and
went to China to adopt me, after her husband died. She raised me
on her own, and we've always been close," she said.
Her mother encouraged her to explore many educational
opportunities, including becoming a Middlesex Dual Enrollment
Academy student. The program gives motivated high school students
the chance to earn college credits. At age 16, Cashman enrolled in
intermediate algebra courses at MCC.
Now 18, she carries a full course load at Middlesex and is on track
to graduate with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences with
a Physical Science Concentration in May, days after turning 19. She
plans to major in geology at UMass Amherst in September.
Besides her mother, Cashman credits other fine teachers, including
those at Middlesex, with encouraging her love of learning. And, she
believes being home-schooled since ninth grade has helped her excel
in acting, writing, math and science. "Home schooling let me work at
my own pace and study subjects I was interested in," she said.
Cashman polished her acting chops with the All the World's A Stage
Players, a Chelmsford-based youth Shakespearean theater company
for home-schooled students. From 2009-2012, she acted in and
worked as production assistant on several plays, including "Hamlet,"
in which she played the lead. She was worked on sets and makeup,
helped direct fight scenes, and researched, collected and distributed
educational materials on the plays for other students. "I've loved
acting since I was 6 and All the World's a Stage enhanced that love,"
said Cashman.
Concord's Miranda Cashman is an accomplished actor and an award-winning writer who also shares a passion for math and science.