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Student Emergency Fund - $3,365
Submitted by Pam Flaherty
Commonwealth Honors Scholar
in Residence Program - $5,000
Submitted by David Kalivas
STEM Research Course - $5,034
Submitted by Jessie Klein
Electronic Health & Wellness
Newsletter - $3,000
Submitted by Jonathan Crockett
Student Trip to Washington, DC - $5,000
Submitted by Pat Demaras
Transition Program Internship
Host Recognition Breakfast - $1,000
Submitted by Susan Woods
Professional Development - $5,000
Submitted by Mary Anne Dean
Early Childhood Classroom
Smartboard - $5,268
Submitted by Matthew Olson
Asian Studies Lecture Series - $2,000
Submitted by Dona Cady
Create MCC Toastmaster's Club - $1,065
Submitted by Elise Martin
PTK Development: Conference
Attendance - $5,000
Submitted by Melissa Welch
Cambodian Habitat for Humanity
Volunteer Program - $5,000
Submitted by Matthew Olson
Webspiration Classroom Software for
Academic Support - $2,638
Submitted by Noreen McGinness
Annual Fund 2011
The MCC Annual Fund provides direct financial support to college programs and services that broaden educational
opportunities and experiences for students. MCC faculty and staff are invited annually to submit proposals for grants to
fund projects, activities or equipment not funded through the regular college budget process. The 2011 grant allocations
are listed below.
2011 MCC
James W. Henderson
Robert A. Barton
David Basile
Edward M. Cawley
John P. Chemaly
John Cogliano, Jr.
Leo Creegan
Samir A. Desai
James M. Geary, Jr.
David C. Grieb
Eric (Rick) W. Hanson
Terrence J. McCarthy
Thomas F. McKay
James H. Mullen, Jr.
Duane E. Taylor
James F. Linnehan, Jr.
Executive Vice President and
MCC Foundation Executive Director
MCC Advancement &
Alumni Relations Team
James F. Linnehan Jr.
Executive Vice President and
MCC Foundation Executive Director
Dennis Malvers
Dean of College Advancement
Mary Anne Dean
Dean of Professional
Resource Development
Brenda Loucks
Dean of College Communications
Alice Rouse
Associate Dean of College
Advancement & Director of
the Annual Fund
Gretchen Robinson
Database Administrator for
College Advancement
Amy Lee
Advancement Assistant
Jeanne Barron
Staff Assistant for
Administration and Finance
Rebecca E. Parsons '03
Administrative Assistant for
College Advancement and Publications
Meagan Phillips
Administrative Assistant for
College Advancement
2 0 1 1 A N N U A L R E P O RT
2011 Annual Fund Grant Awards
2011 Annual Fund Campaign Contributions
The following donors have generously contributed to the 2011 Annual Fund.
President's Circle - $1,000 and up
Carole A. Cowan
Lois A. Alves
John and Audrey Cogliano, Jr.
Rick and Martha Hanson
Leah N. Knowlton
Joan and John F. Ladik
Jay and Patti Linnehan
Brenda Loucks
Barbara Luddy
John Lyons
Gary and Rosemarie McPhee
Lynne J. Osborn
Philip J. Sisson
Provost's Circle - $500 to $999
Robert J. Awkward
David M. Basile
Judy and Marc Burke
Marie Caruso
Vicki Porter Courtemanche '00
Colleen Cox
Maria D. Cunha
Joanna M. DelMonaco
Ken and Carter Dunn
David A. Gautreau '10 and Rosanne M. Gautreau '10
Phyllis S. Gleason '83
Jim and Eileen Henderson
Philip H. Mahler
Dennis and Cassi Malvers
Alice Rouse
Mark Schetky '85 and Catherine Schetky '06
Molly Sheehy
Lura Smith
Anonymous (2)
Dean's Circle - $300 to $499
Jennifer Aradhya
Alfred C. Carosi
Beth Fraser
Carol Hay
Kent H. Mitchell
James and Mari Mullen
Jeanne E. Newhall
Peyton Paxson
Gina Spaziani
Linda and Roger Young
Honors Circle - $100 to $299
Barbara J. Anderson '95
Breno C. Annes '11
Margaret Bleichman
Patricia A. Bruno
Kimberly Burns and Richard Castrios
Ann Buskey
Cynthia Butters
Dona and Ed Cady
Father Anthony R. Carrillo '88
Fred C. Church Insurance Agency Inc.
Loretta M. Cole '96
Jonathan Crockett
Nancy A. Curll
Mary Anne Dean
Cassandra DelCheccolo
Carolyn M. Delehanty '91
Sheri Denk '90
Betty DiGangi
John Driscoll
Susan A. Egan
Pamela B. Flaherty
Vincent P. Funaro, Jr.
Darlene Furdock
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