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eturning to college to pursue a
major life change requires a
certain amount of courage for
older students who already
have successful, established careers. But
49-year-old Mark Valentine says his
Middlesex classes have presented him
with professional possibilities he never
even considered throughout his 25 years
as a chef.
Valentine, who trained in classical French
cuisine at Paris' La Varenne Ecole Du
Cuisine, had cooked in restaurants from
San Francisco to Nantucket before finally
opening Provence Café in Wellesley in
2004. A resident of Maynard, he calls
himself a "food traveler," sampling
regional cuisines from Hong Kong to
Spain and bringing those flavors and
ingredients back to his kitchen to create
his own distinct style.
After selling his café in 2007, Valentine
turned his culinary skills to catering, and
has continued to operate his business
while also handling a full course load at
MCC. The dual responsibilities of work
and academics can sometimes result in a
stressful demand of his time. "The
catering business varies with the seasons,"
said Valentine, "and my busiest months
Mark Valentine
Back to School and Leaving the Kitchen Behind
I have so much appreciation
for the faculty and staff and
their commitment to all of
the students here. I am so
proud of this school.
Mark Valentine
MCC Student
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