MCC’s TRIO Student Success Program has provided services 25 + years Success participants either graduated or persisted Proud TRIO students celebrate at a graduation ceremony. from 2016 to fall 2017 Continued from previous page. 85%of TRIO Student 25 + years MCC’s TRIO Student Success Program has provided services together on their coursework. TRIO students working go meet with your advisor.’ “When you put students, who are already uncomfortable, into a totally new and foreign setting, and then speak unfamiliar words to them, it’s a real challenge. % More than of “That’s our job – to help our students translate that language.” of 2016-17 TRIO Student Success participants are in Good Academic Standing of TRIO Student Success staff are also first-generation-to-college 88% MCC’s TRIO program also covers economic and % financial literacy, which includes teaching students Success participants either about budgeting, typical college expenses, and 85 of TRIO Student credit card fall 2017 from 2016 to debt. Buskey is particularly concerned that first-generation students have a full understanding of the college-loan process. “The sad truth is that many students come to us carrying a lot of debt % four-year schools,” she said. from AnotherStudent of TRIO way TRIO assists first-gen students is by Success staff identify helping them are also and apply for scholarships. first-generation-to-college graduated or persisted 95 88 And her office also takes students on college visits. “We do a lot of college More than As part of TRIO, Middlesex students receive a variety of support services, including one-on-one tutoring, financial-aid advising, and personal, career and % transfer counseling. Success participants are explained. “If students have to-college we first-generation- questions, of TRIO Student “We offer holistic advising,” Buskey 95 of 2016-17 TRIO Student Success participants are in Good Academic Standing 95 % visits,” said Buskey. “We of tour public and private schools, mostly in New England, but have gone as far away as New York and Pennsylvania.” And want them to come to us first. We may not know all the answers, but we can tell them who on campus can help them – and we walk them over and introduce them % to that person.” of TRIO Student Success grads transferred to four-year-institutions 49 on these visits, TRIO staffers take on the % role of parents. of TRIO Student “First-gen students don’t always know what 95 questions to ask on a college tour, and their families first-generation-to-college don’t know what to ask, either.” Success participants are 6 | Profiles TRIO Provides: 49%