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How did you come up
with that idea?
Creating a society-friendly
business model was our goal
from day one. We wanted
to bridge the gap between
corporate America, charity, and
third-party engagement.
What was the most challenging aspect of this process?
Convincing myself it was possible to run a successful business
in my freshman year of college!
Is this project something you'll continue in the future?
Although Create Smiles has `closed its doors,' one year later
I have managed multiple start-up clothing companies. And, I'm
currently working on a clothing company with a similar business
model, but focused on animals in need.
What do you like about entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship provides endless opportunity. You can bring
your dream from just a thought to reality. Growing a business never
has a ceiling: You will forever be finding new ways to increase
sales or devising new strategies to push past your competitors.
Sophir Jeune
putting ideas into motion
Having earned an associate degree in Business Administration,
Sophir Jeune is currently enrolled in the Entrepreneurship
Certificate Program. She's confident that having both credentials
will position her well to start her own business.
"I have many ideas I want to put in motion," said Jeune. "My plan
is to network as much as possible and connect with people who
have the same interests and drive as I do. An established business
owner once told me, `It isn't what you know, it's who you know.'"
What business did you start for your class project?
I started a company selling duffle bags. It was called Live,
Love, Compassion.
How did you come
up with that idea?
Originally, I had the idea
to fill the duffle bags with
toiletries for the homeless.
However, once I began my
research, I realized a duffle
bag full of supplies wasn't ideal for homeless people to carry and
store. So I decided to sell the duffle bags alone.
What did you learn about entrepreneurship from this process?
I learned that you don't always have to create a concrete
business plan before you start a business. Sometimes you just
have to take your idea and start pulling resources together and
get it out. I learned firsthand what strategies worked and how to
readjust the strategies that didn't work.
Do you think being an entrepreneur is something that can be taught?
Yes, because I'm learning it right now! I can honestly say my
way of thinking about products and services has changed. Now,
I am always looking at how things can be improved or reinvented.
Lauren Zanotta
Taking An Idea and
Making It Reality
Now a student at the University of Arizona, Lauren Zanotta
began studying business at Middlesex and jumped right in with
"Introduction to Entrepreneurship."
"Wanting to be involved in the business world, entrepreneurship
always seemed like an important topic to learn about," said
Zanotta. "I wanted to take a class I could experience hands-on,
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