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rather than just reading from a textbook and sitting in lectures.
I wanted the ability to take the things I learned in the classroom
to a real-life experience."
What business did you start as a class project?
My group came up with the idea of bringing
Dunkin' Donuts coffee to campus. With Middlesex
being a commuter school, we figured stopping for
coffee in the morning could be difficult for people.
My group interviewed staff and students, and the
results showed they all felt the same way.
What was the most challenging aspect of this process?
Figuring out the differentials of coffee and which brand to
choose. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. We
surveyed our participants to see which coffee they enjoyed more:
iced or hot, flavored or black, and all the in-betweens.
What would you do differently, in hindsight?
I would have added more variety in the coffee choices. In the
end, we ended up staying with hot black coffee and bringing cream
and sugar for our customers to use.
What do you like about entrepreneurship?
It gives you the ability to turn your dreams and ideas into reality
Rachel Walker
Finding Success as a
Lifestyle Blogger
When Rachel Walker's freshman-seminar blog took off, she dropped
out of college and created the brand and website, The Rachel
Review ( Now a successful lifestyle
blogger, she has returned to college to pursue a degree
in Business Administration.
"At first I blogged about being a city girl from Boston who was
going to college in Vermont," explained Walker. "It was mostly
comedic, but the traffic on the blog was out of the ordinary. When I
reached 1,000 followers, I thought to myself, `Wow, I could do this
for a living!'"
Is The Rachel Review successful?
Yes but only I know the work that went into getting the
website where it is today. Working on new content, and planning
future events and collaborations keeps the blog successful. But it is
a daily effort and I try not to lose focus.
What do you like best about entrepreneurship?
It can be a humbling process, but it can also be an adventure.
When you are starting out fresh with a business, you don't know
a thing (even when you think you do). The whole entrepreneurial
process gets you up and out of your comfort zone.
What do you like least about being an entrepreneur?
Lifestyle blogging is
a new industry, which
has its rewards like
getting to market first
and paving the way
with new ideas. But it
also has its setbacks. I
am solely responsible
for each aspect of my business: marketing, content creation,
accounting, business development, brand partnerships,
production (for videos and photo shoots). It gets really
overwhelming sometimes.
Do you think being an entrepreneur is something that can be taught?
Yes and no: I think being people-oriented comes naturally to
entrepreneurs. Learning how to leverage time, money, people and
opportunity? That can all be taught.
Kathy Register
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