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natural fertilizers, and making soap from left-over cooking oil.
As another Service-Learning project, we learned how to make soap
and cook some of the typical local cuisine.
Manuel Antonio National Park was our last stop before heading back
to San José. This beautiful park was one of the most enchanting
sites of the whole trip. We walked through a jungle filled with sloths,
monkeys and raccoons, as birds created a symphony of sounds all
around us. At the end of the trail, the jungle opened up to a
magnificent clear day, a white-sand beach and dark blue ocean.
After returning to San José, we visited the University of Costa Rica,
and then the historical central market. The hectic market in the center
of the city featured labyrinth-like passages with vendors selling dried
medicinal plants and souvenir shops, and small restaurants specializing
in local cuisine. To be able to take part in the daily life of the Costa
Rican people was a culturally enriching experience.
On our last day, we visited the ruins of a church in Cartago, Costa Rica's
first capital. This is where, starting in the 16th century, three attempts
were made to build a basilica. However, due to the proximity of a
nearby volcano, earthquakes kept destroying the building. But churches
were successfully built in other locations. We later visited one of the
oldest in the country, also in Cartago, the Basílica de Nuestra Señora
de los Ángeles, built in the 17th century.
Though our trip was only two weeks long, my time in Costa Rica left
a lasting memory. I was able to immerse myself in a new culture, and
learning from a country that is trying to become more environmentally
sustainable was inspiring.
Global Education
A typical Costa Rican
beach sunset.
Volunteer checks sea turtle
eggs on the beach.
An antique mill on a
coffee plantation.
International Education
Fellows and chaperones.
Hiking to the sea turtle
conservation site.
Collecting cast-off cement at
Parque La Libertad.
Photos courtesy of Raphael Marinho and Yerkely Gomez.
A native of Bahia, Brazil, Raphael Marinho is a Psychology
Concentration student who will be graduating with an associate
degree in May. His future plans include transferring to UMass
Lowell to pursue a bachelor's degree in psychology and a
master's degree in community social psychology.