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Celebrating the Legacy of President Carole A. Cowan
needs for the future," said Cowan. "He's been a great leader
in a very short period of time. He's also very committed to
the students and understands the business side of things, as
well," she added
"I have been very fortunate in my 24-year career as president,
to have had Jim Henderson, Tom O'Mahony, Bill Chemelli and
now Royall Mack as chairmen all the right people for the
right times."
The members of the Board of Trustees also speak highly
of Cowan and all she has done for the college. They voted
recently to name the main building on the Lowell campus
(where the President's Office is located) in her honor. Recently
approved by the State Board of Higher Education, the six-
sided, red-brick building will be known as the Dr. Carole A.
Cowan Center.
"I was honored and proud on behalf of the Middlesex
Community College Board of Trustees to bring forward a
motion that will properly honor the accomplishments of
President Carole Cowan," said Mack.
"Carole spent 14 years as an accomplished faculty member
and department chairwoman for this college, but as its
president for the past 24 years, she has elevated Middlesex to
become the flagship of the Massachusetts community college
system. It will be a fitting tribute to name one of the college's
properties in Dr. Cowan's honor, specifically one in which she
has spent more than two decades as the president leading the
institution and helping chart the paths of thousands of this
college's students."
Kathy Register