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Celebrating the Legacy of President Carole A. Cowan
eaching Students to be Better
Citizens Through Service-Learning
resident Carole Cowan has long
been a supporter of Service-
Learning and civic engagement. "I have
always believed that students have to
learn to give back," said Cowan. "We
have a responsibility to teach students
that they have to be a bigger part of
their community. It isn't just enough
to live in it they have to understand
what the community's needs are."
In 2013, Middlesex celebrated 20 years
of Service-Learning, a credit-bearing
educational experience in which
students participate in an organized ac-
tivity that meets identified community
needs, and then reflect on their service.
Founded in 1992, MCC's Service-Learn-
ing Program began early in Cowan's
presidency, with a small $2,500 grant
and only one course. Since then, the program has grown
remarkably. Currently, Middlesex offers more than 100
Service-Learning courses and has more than 350 active
community partners. Over the last 20 years, more than 10,000
students have completed more than 234,000 service hours.
MCC's Service-Learning Program has made an impact not
only locally, but also nationally. Middlesex was selected by
Campus Compact, a nonprofit coalition of more than 1,100
college and university presidents committed to developing the
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