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Celebrating the Legacy of President Carole A. Cowan
The grant will provide funding to build
a new biotechnology facility to replace
the college's current, outdated facility.
"Middlesex has tried to respond to
the evolving needs of our workforce
partners, particularly in the STEM
industries," Cowan said. "Specifically,
biotech in Massachusetts is one of the
economic engines, and we welcome op-
portunities to align our college graduate
preparedness with the industry clusters
of our region."
Cowan would like to see the college
continue its workforce development
programs. "We must be available to
step in for workforce training needs for
local companies who may need help
training their employees," said Cowan.
"But we must also continuously look for
opportunities to blend internship and
work experiences into our students'
academic preparation.
"Why do you send your sons and
daughters to college? So they will grow
emotionally and professionally, and be
good citizens, right?," Cowan asked,
speaking rhetorically. "But what if they
never got a job?"
"Workforce development is part of what
every community college is responsible
for," said Cowan. "Everything we do
is workforce development meaning
everything we do is to help our students
get a job when they graduate."
Tura Linderholm