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MCC's Office of Multicultural and International Affairs hosted a student
Diversity Awareness Summit last March in Ogunquit, Maine. Supported by
a Middlesex Community College Foundation Annual Fund grant, the three-day
summit included a series of intensive workshops and discussions that centered
on issues of culture, identity and social justice.
"The summit was an opportunity to facilitate honest, open and interactive
dialogue about the cultural climate and student experiences at Middlesex,"
said Maryanne Mungovan, Director of Multicultural and Veterans Affairs.
"The students gained tolerance and a deeper understanding of one another
and of themselves."
Mungovan encouraged MCC student Lidiane Wooding to apply for and attend
the diversity summit. "At first I was a little intimidated to apply," said Wooding.
"But it was one of the best experiences of my life."
Everyone got a chance to talk about their own struggles with issues of diversity,
explained Wooding. "I learned to stand up for myself more," she said.
"I became more aware that everyone struggles with these issues at some
point in their lives. The summit helped me better understand, appreciate
and respect our differences. I became a stronger person inside and out,
and a stronger student."
Annual Fund 2012 Follow Up:
Spotlight on Diversity
An MCC Foundation 2012 Annual Fund grant
made it possible for students recruited by the
Office of Multicultural & International Affairs
to attend a three-day Diversity Awareness
Summit last spring in Ogunquit, Maine.
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