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Annual Fund
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In its seven-year
history, the
Annual Fund has
and has funded a
total of 84 grants.
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Making a
Enhancing Science Teaching with Technology
Submitted by Iveta Dinbergs (Science)
Student Emergency Fund
Submitted by Pam Flaherty (Student Affairs)
Global Entrepreneurship Week
Submitted by Luciano Sappia (Business)
Early College High School FYE Course
Submitted by Kim Burns (K-16 Partnerships)
DECA Collegiate Chapter Advisor Training
Submitted by Deborah Walsh (Business)
Enhancing Learning with Probe Technology Tutor
Submitted by Jane Morrison (Science)
Enhancing the Ergonomics of DMS Graduates
Submitted by Jane Morrison (Science)
Carnegie Elective Community-Engagement
Submitted by Cynthia Lynch (Service-Learning)
Service Experience in Haiti
Submitted by Rebecca Newell (Student Affairs)
Faculty and Staff Development
Submitted by Mary Anne Dean (Staff Development)
Latino Advancement Institute
Submitted by Pat Demaras (International & Multicultural Affairs)
First-Year Experience Winter Retreat
Submitted by Paula Dias (Center for Leadership & Engagement)
Pottery Wheels
Submitted by Margaret Swan (Art)
Student Social Media Internship
Submitted by Melissa Welch (Center for Leadership & Engagement)
2013 Annual Fund Grant Awards