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Strings for Cambodia
Campaign Launched
MCC's Music Department has launched
Strings for Cambodia, a fund-raising
campaign to support Cambodia's Royal
University of Fine Arts' dream to form a
National Symphony Orchestra.
The campaign's goal is to raise $50,000 to
cover the cost of high quality, carbon-fiber
classical string instruments ­ violins, violas
and cellos ­ to form the core of the
symphony's string section, and to be used
for teaching purposes at the university,
according to Johannah Segarich, MCC
Professor of Music.
The Middlesex Community College
Foundation will be fiscal receiver for
Strings for Cambodia. Donations can be
made online at
Strings_for_Cambodia/ or by sending a
check, made payable to the MCC
Foundation, Inc. (with "Strings for
Cambodia" in the memo field) to the
MCC Foundation, P.O. Box 716, Bedford,
MA 01730.
For more information about Strings for
Cambodia, e-mail Johannah Segarich,
MCC Professor of Music, at
Promoting Entrepreneurship
in Morocco
Middlesex, in collaboration with Bristol
Community College, has been awarded a
six-month, $60,000 proposal-development
grant to partner with two Moroccan
technical colleges to promote
entrepreneurship and workforce
development in Morocco.
Through this award, MCC, Bristol, Ecole
Normale Supériere de l'Enseignment
Technique of Rabat (ENSET Rabat) and
Ecole Normale Supériere de l'Enseignment
Technique of Mohammedia (ENSET
Mohammedia) will work together to
create a proposal for a three-year
partnership to strengthen the capacity of
the Moroccan technical colleges through
the promotion of entrepreneurship.
The grant has been awarded through
Higher Education for Development
(HED), in cooperation with the U.S.
Department of State, the U.S. Agency for
International Development (USAID), and
the U.S. Department of Education as part
of the Broader Middle East and North
Africa (BMENA)-U.S. Community
College Entrepreneurship Proposal
Development Grants competition.
Dental Hygiene Clinic Hosts
Team Seal
Last May, the Dental Hygiene Program, in
collaboration with community volunteers,
offered Team Seal in the MCC Dental
Hygiene Clinic. Team Seal provides free
dental sealants and fluoride treatments to
Lowell Public School students.
Approximately 600 children from nine
different Lowell schools also received free
dental screenings as part of the program.
campus funded by the MCC Foundation,
including the MCC Fitness Trail and the
Fitness Studio in North Academic Hall.
All these spaces provide a wide variety of
recreational opportunities, including
sports games, group exercise classes
(indoor and outdoor), and the annual
MCC 5K Fitness Challenge. They also
foster community relations, as many
community members regularly utilize these
The outdoor basketball court was a
collaborative project involving the MCC
Foundation, the college's Facilities
Management Department and Fitness &
Recreation, with ongoing support from
MCC administration.
"Our Facilities Department was
outstanding with their landscape and
design efforts," said Crockett. "They spent
countless hours constructing a beautiful
and functional stone retaining wall,
installing signs and benches, installing the
basketball hoop, and planting new grass
around the perimeter. Their great work
provided not only a functional
recreational resource, but also transformed
a gravel lot into an aesthetically appealing
The basketball court has already seen
tremendous use by Middlesex students and
kids enrolled in MCC Summer Camps,
said Crockett. Future plans include formal
half-court basketball tournaments with
student and faculty/staff/administration
Since it was his project from the start,
Crockett earned the honor of taking the
first official shot to christen the new hoop
at the grand opening. As to whether or
not he hit the shot? Luckily, it was a brand
new, sturdy rim, and Crockett had Dean of
Students Pam Flaherty waiting in the key
to grab a rebound and make the points
Patrick Cook
Opening the new court last spring (left to right) were:
Executive Director of Public Affairs Patrick Cook, Bruce
Giannetta, Dean of Facilities Management Matt Sepe,
Coordinator of Fitness & Recreation Jonathan Crockett,
MCC President Carole Cowan, Executive Vice President
Jay Linnehan and Dean of Students Pamela Flaherty.