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skills if they're interested in exploring
careers in electronic media."
Past and current MCC students have
already stepped up to participate, including
former MCC Student Trustee Moses
Kirori, who has experience in film and
production, and has spearheaded the
technical logistics of the project. He is
director of MCC Connects and oversees
everything from segment subject to film
Steve Bickford has exceptional talent
behind the camera and adds creative flare
to the shoots. Tara Kirby, an MCC graphic
design major, is quickly becoming
comfortable with all aspects of filming and
production, and has taken advantage of
the training available at LTC.
Cindy Annis, an avid radio enthusiast
active in the MCC Radio Club, has
interned at a local radio station. She has
been able to transfer her radio expertise to
the production room of the TV station and
works the soundboard. Annis is currently
interning at LTC and taking a variety of
production courses. Scot Weisman, an
MCC business student, also is taking
advantage of LTC production courses and
works the studio cameras. Without the
help of these students, MCC Connects
could not be produced each month.
MCC's Office of Marketing and
Publications is also working to craft a top-
notch talk-show set that has evolved with
each program.
For more information about MCC
, or to submit program
suggestions, contact Mary-Jo Griffin at or
Patrick Cook
Moses Kirori, a recent Middlesex graduate and former
MCC Student Trustee, is director of the program.
Mary-Jo Griffin, MCC's Director of Outreach &
Development, is host of
MCC Connects.
There's no shortage of
work or learning
opportunities for students.
It's a great, fully equipped,
working classroom that will
provide them with
professional skills if
they're interested in
exploring careers in
electronic media.
Mary-Jo Griffin
Host of
MCC Connects
Views from the
multi-camera shoot