Upcoming & Recent WAC Workshops

Writing and Students with Learning Disabilities (Faculty Workshop)

Your Student Plagiarized!  What do you do? What can you do? (Faculty Wkshp)

(Includes discussion and instruction on Safe Assign software - handouts for Safe Assign: Faculty Instructions; Sample Student Instructions)

Exploring Your Own Inheritance: An Introduction to Genealogy Workshop (All)

(Encouraged personal insights and provided further context for issues raised in the 2009-2011 MCC Common Book, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race & Inheritance)

I Assigned a Research Paper - What the Heck Is This? (3 part Faculty Wkshp)

(Flier for information and recent Fall 2011 application - Writing Coaches)

You assigned writing, but you didn’t expect this! How to respond to overly

personal, disturbing, or emotionally provocative writing (Faculty Workshop)

How to Work It - Publishing Workshop (Open to all in MCC Community)

The ESL / ELL Writer in Your Classroom (Faculty Workshop)

"Writing To Learn" Approaches in Your Discipline (Faculty Workshop)

(PowerPoint from workshop by Phyllis Gleason & Tom Laughlin)

Noodlebib and Research Assistance (Student Workshop)

Grappling with Grading Writing? (Faculty Workshop)

How to Get the Kind of Writing You Want From Students (Faculty Workshop)

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