Other College WAC Program Resources

Quick Tips from students
Students highlighted these frequently mentioned faculty concerns as especially important. (from Marquette University)

A Checklist for Preparing Academic Papers (from Marquette University)

Selections from the Writing Tutorial Services Library (from Writing Tutorial Services, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN)

Each of these links leads to a short article about how to deal with a specific writing situation:

Bedford/St. Martin's Workshop on Plagiarism
Gives tips on avoiding plagiarism

Tips For Evaluating Web Sites (from Ithaca College's Library)
Interactive exercises on evaluating online sources

Other Helpful WAC Websites

Purdue University Online Writing Lab's WAC Program (a wealth of useful materials)

George Mason University's WAC Program

Cleveland State University's WAC Program

WAC Clearinghouse

National WAC Network

Last Modified: 9/26/18