Designing Effective Writing Assignments

"WAC is more than just a set of teaching practices. It is a perspective which argues that 1) writing is a central means for learning, clarifying, organizing, and expressing ideas and information, and 2) all teachers should share responsibility for helping students become successful writers both inside and outside of the classroom. In the best writing-infused classrooms, the following goals are being met: 1) students have learned ways to use writing to learn course material, 2) they understand the importance of revision to refine their thinking as well as their writing, and 3) they believe teachers are interested in actually reading their papers, and not simply in grading them."
from "Teaching With Writing," George Mason University's WAC Program

Teaching With Writing (from George Mason University's WAC Program)
WAC teaching perspectives, values, goals. Links on this page lead to advice on teaching with writing as well as to an array of useful URL's.

Writing To Learn Descriptions, Answers, Activities (from Colorado State's WAC Program)

Writing To Learn Activities (from University of Richmond's WAC Program)

Online Manual for Writing Across the Curriculum (from SUNY Cortland)

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