What It Takes for a Win-Win Experience

  • The ingredients to successfully supervise people with significant learning disabilities include patience, support and compassion.
  • It demands a willingness to invest extra time and energy to understand and respond to the needs of these employees.
  • Findings from research study on the supervision of people with special needs in the work place indicate that the direct on-site supervisor is the key ingredient to successful employment.
  • A supervisor’s ability to personally commit to train people with limitations, readiness to be flexible about expectations and job tasks and a sense of confidence in his or her own supervisory abilities and willingness to invest extra time, patience and energy to understand and respond to the needs of these employees are just some of the aspects of a successful supervisor.
  • It requires an openness to learn techniques which will help the employee to function more effectively and an ability to respect others for whatever their strengths or weaknesses might be.

Last Modified: 7/27/18