Limited social skills/lack of social interaction


  1. Introduce the student to the staff upon arrival to make the student feel more comfortable. Give the student a tour of the facility pointing out the different areas they may be working in as well.
  2. Provide the student with a list of names, contact and department information with whom they will be working with.
  3. Provide the student an opportunity to work with other co-workers on projects or take directions from other supervisors if possible.
  4. Include the student in company events and social functions. The student may be a part of the set up as well for the event.
  5. Schedule routine meeting with yourself and the student. This will provide an opportunity to discuss performance, ask questions and give feedback.
  6. Share the “Student Profile Sheet” with the staff and inform them of the student’s arrival and what to expect from the student.
  7. Knowing what to do during down time can be difficult for our students, have a plan for times when the work is slow such as on-going projects and back up tasks. Have the student ask for work from other supervisors if appropriate.
  8. Feedback is an important part of their learning. Look for opportunity to praise even small steps of improvement. When giving feedback be specific and clear about what you are praising.
  9. Always begin with a positive statement before giving critical feedback.
  10. When making suggestions for a change in behavior or performance, be aware of your body language and make a request rather than a command.
  11. Maintain ongoing communication with the Internship Coordinator via the routine visits, e-mail and telephone calls to insure that questions or problems can be addressed as soon as they arise

Last Modified: 7/27/18