Low self esteem/lack of confidence


  1. Feedback is an important part of their learning. Look for opportunity to praise even small steps of improvement. When giving feedback be specific and clear about what you are praising.
  2. Always begin with a positive statement before giving critical feedback.
  3. Allowing the student to experience success can be achieved by choosing tasks that are meaningful and achievable.
  4. Most of our students do well with tasks that are done routinely. Try to provide opportunities for repetition and review of instructions.
  5. Ask the student to repeat directions back to you to insure that they understand.
  6. Have the student demonstrate the task while you watch and encourage him/her to ask questions.
  7. When making suggestions for a change in behavior or performance, be aware of your body language and make a request rather than a command.
  8. Schedule routine meeting with yourself and the student. This will provide an opportunity to discuss performance, ask questions and give feedback.
  9. Introduce the student to the staff upon arrival to make the student feel more comfortable. Give the student a tour of the facility pointing out the different areas they may be working in as well.
  10. Maintain ongoing communication with the Internship Coordinator via the routine visits, e-mail and telephone calls to insure that questions or problems can be addressed as soon as they arise.

Last Modified: 7/27/18