The Transition Program is a Middlesex Community College initiative, which has been in operation since 1985. It is the only program of its kind located on a community college campus in Massachusetts.

The program provides individualized attention, specialized instructional approaches and consistent reinforcement. Through this approach, students gain confidence and independence, which allows students with significant learning disabilities to set goals, think for themselves, and assume responsibilities. Hundreds of Transition Program graduates are employed in today’s job market, leading productive lives as contributing citizens in our communities. The overall student retention rate is 90% and approximately 80% of Transition graduates are successfully employed after completing the program. Career counseling and job search support remain available to them after graduation.

The Transition Program reflects Middlesex Community College’s mission to serve the broadest possible range of students and its commitment to establishing partnerships and strengthening linkages with area businesses.

In keeping with the national initiative for all citizens to have at least two years of post secondary education, Transition is a superb option for an underserved population of students, preparing them to achieve their full potential.

Last Modified: 3/20/18