Guidelines Internship Coordinator/Site Supervisor

What we want to know:

  1. Attendance- was the student absent and did he/she call in at the appropriate time?
  2. Punctuality- was the student late- did he/she call, did he/she offer to make up the time? Did the student leave early, and did he/she make up that time? Does the student return from lunch and breaks on time?
  3. Is the student dressed appropriately? Is he/she demonstrating good personal hygiene?
  4. Is the student following the rules and regulations of the company?
  5. Is the student’s behavior appropriate?
  6. Are the student’s interactions with the supervisor and co-workers appropriate?
  7. Is the student fitting in?
  8. What jobs did the student perform the past few weeks?
  9. What tasks are too difficult for the student? It is important for us to know what they can and cannot do. We can covey this information with our teaching staff and she can provide extra help, practice etc..
  10. Does the student have trouble following directions? (We may be able to suggest alternative ways for presenting instructions.)
  11. Does the student demonstrate initiative?
  12. Are there problems finding enough work or the right type of work for the student?
  13. Have you noticed any physical limitation to the student’s performing his/her job?
  14. Have you noticed any dramatic changes in the student’s affect, mood, performance, or behavior?

It is extremely important that supervisors inform us of a problem as soon as possible and not to wait several weeks or until the midterm or final evaluation.


Suggested Questions for Supervisors to Ask:

 Suggestions for giving the student directions or teaching him/her a new task

  • Are they expecting too much or too little of the student?
  • What accommodations can they make to help the student?
  • What additional tasks might they try to teach the student?
  • What are the student’s current skill levels? (For 1st year students refer to the Student Information Sheet for most current update.)
  • What is the student conveying about their experience at their internship?

Last Modified: 3/20/18