Difficulty with punctuality and attendance


  1. Explain to the student the departments rules and policies such as start time and end time, times for breaks, punching a time card etc. It may be helpful to have these in writing.
  2. To assure that you have the student’s attention while giving directions, make sure that person is maintaining good eye contact even for brief moments. This is true for when you are giving a demonstration as well or providing feedback.
  3. It is important to provide ample time for the student to process information whether it is verbal or in writing.
  4. Feedback is an important part of their learning. Look for opportunity to praise even small steps of improvement. When giving feedback be specific and clear about what you are praising.
  5. Constructive feedback is just as important as positive in the learning process. Avoid letting minor issue escalate into major ones. Be specific and clear about the issue at hand.
  6. Always begin with a positive statement before giving critical feedback.
  7. When making suggestions for a change in behavior or performance, be aware of your body language and make a request rather than a command.
  8. Don’t hesitate to set limits and be firm when providing feedback. Be clear with your expectations.
  9. Schedule routine meeting with yourself and the student. This will provide an opportunity to discuss performance, ask questions and give feedback.
  10. Explain to the student how their contribution benefits the department and company. Often, it is difficult for our student’s to understand their role in the larger process.
  11. Explain to the student what happens if the work they perform is not done accurately or if they don’t follow your instruction closely. Also include why it is important to complete the task and how this relates to the departments productivity.
  12. Maintain ongoing communication with the Internship Coordinator via the routine visits, e-mail and telephone calls to insure that questions or problems can be addressed as soon as they arise.

Last Modified: 7/27/18