Credit for Prior Learning

Students who are enrolled in academic programs may be eligible for credit based on their previous studies, or proof of knowledge gained through work or life experience, including, for example, employment and training programs and military service. (Note: Due to state regulations, credit for prior learning cannot be awarded to students in the Criminal Justice program.) Eligibility can be demonstrated in a number of ways:

  1. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

  2. Departmental examinations of courses offered at Middlesex Community College that are not available through CLEP.

  3. A life experience portfolio evaluation. By successful demonstration of experiential learning comparable to the level required for a particular course, students may receive credit for that course.

  4. Advanced Placement (accepted with a score of 3 or higher). View our Advanced Placement Exam Course Equivalencies.

There are fees for the exams (costs not covered by financial aid) and, generally speaking, these credits are not transferable to other colleges. However, students can save time, money and effort by receiving credit for required courses on the basis of previously gained proficiency. Detailed information on CLEP and departmental exams, and advice on portfolio preparation, is available from the college’s Experiential Learning Coordinator, 781-280-3852.

or visit the Credit for Prior Learning Website for more information.

Last Modified: 10/23/19