MassTransfer seeks to provide students with straightforward and understandable options regarding the completion of associate and baccalaureate degrees. MassTransfer has two main purposes:

1. To provide community college students who complete approved associate degrees:

  • Full transfer and applicability of credit
  • Guaranteed admission
  • A tuition discount

Provided the student meets GPA requirements and enters a linked MassTransfer program. Each associate degree program under MassTransfer is linked to baccalaureate degrees and schools at the Massachusetts state colleges and University of Massachusetts campuses across the commonwealth.

2.To provide any student in the Massachusetts public higher education system the intermediate goal of completing a portable transfer block (MassTransfer Block) which satisfies general education/distribution/core requirements across institutions (with the receiving institution able to add no more than six additional credits/two courses)

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Students who choose to transfer before graduating, but who have completed the 34-credit MassTransfer Block , with a 2.0 or higher grade point average (exclusive of developmental coursework), will satisfy the core/distribution/general education requirements at the receiving institution. The MassTransfer Block consists of the following courses:

  • English Composition/Writing - 6 credit hours
  • Humanities and Fine Arts - 9 credit hours
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences - 9 credit hours
  • Natural or Physical Science - 7 credit hours
  • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning - 3 credit hours
  • Total: 34 credit hours

A student completing an associate degree program under MassTransfer will have graduated with a minimum of 60 credit hours and will have completed the 34-credit general education transfer block, exclusive of developmental coursework.

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After completing an associate degree, students will be eligible to transfer into a linked MassTransfer program at a Massachusetts state college or University of Massachusetts campus with the following benefits:

Benefits and Final Grade Point Average at Graduation

  • No application fee: 2.0
  • No application essay: 2.0
  • General Education requirements satisfied: 2.0
  • Guaranteed transfer of college-level credits: 2.0
  • Guaranteed admission: 2.5
  • 33% instate tuition waiver: 3.0

For additional information and program details, please visit the MassTransfer web site or contact the Academic, Career and Transfer Planning Centers in Bedford or Lowell.

Last Modified: 6/10/16