The Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP)

The Microsoft Home Use Program allows employees at eligible companies to buy an annual subscription of Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal at a discount for use on personal devices.

The purchasing process is described below. Please read the Guide for additional information.


  • Office 365 Home - $69.99/year or $9.95/month
  • Office 365 Personal - $48.99/year or $6.95/month

What is Office 365?: Office 365 is an annual subscription that includes premium versions of the Office apps that you can use across all your devices (Office 365 Home - Up to 6 Users, Office 365 Personal – 1 User), monthly exclusive feature updates, and 1Tb of cloud storage per user. Easily create, access, organize, and protect everything in your life. Office 365 helps you create your best documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with built-in intelligence and up-to-date features. Securely sync and share; all within the premium apps you know and trust.

System Requirements: You’ll need Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or Mac OS X version 10.10 or later to successfully run Office on your PC or Mac.

The Purchase Experience: Individual Orders

The information provided for the HUP is exclusive to MCC's faculty and staff only.
Do not share this information with others.

1. Sign Up: Visit the Microsoft Home Use Program page. Enter your corporate email address. Click on ‘Get Started’ button.

2. Confirm: If you are eligible, an email will be sent to your corporate email address inbox with a link that will validate your eligibility for the program.

3. Sign In: Once your eligibility is confirmed and you register for the program with your personal Microsoft account that is associated with your personal email address, you can begin the purchase process by viewing the discounts available to you based on your Home Use Program benefit eligibility.

4. Shop: Your purchase is processed and completed in the Microsoft Store. You, the eligible employee, can install Office 365 on your personal devices after the purchase is complete. Once you have purchased Office 365 Home, you can share your subscription with up to 5 additional members of your household.


  • For support for online store purchases, downloads, or product key questions, please visit this link.
Last Modified: 9/18/19