Center for Community Engagement

(Service-Learning) Website at MCC

The mission of MCC's Center for Community Engagement is to enrich students' educational experiences, meet community needs, and foster civic responsibility throughout the college and the community at large by integrating service into the academic curriculum. Through participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences that address real community needs, students extend what they learn beyond the classrooms.

Courses with service-learning and community engagement components are offered in a wide variety of courses at Middlesex. While service-learning courses generally require a minimum of 22 hours per semester in an appropriate community-service placement, community engagement service opportunities have a variety of project based requirements. Coordinated by the Center's staff, both service-learning and community engagement opportunities enrich student's educational experiences by developing the knowledge and skills needed to be effective members of their communities. The Center for Community Engagement is located in the Cowan Center Building, Fifth Floor (Office 21) on the Lowell campus. In Bedford, it's located in the Enrollment Center (Building 9), Room 108.

For more information, call 978-656-3159 (Lowell) or 781-280-3556 (Bedford).

Last Modified: 9/18/19