Economic and Environmental Sustainability: Active Learning Approaches
Growing Green Cities - WBUR On Point discussion with Tom Ashbrook
Creating a "Green Bubble" on Campus: A Model for Programming in a Green Living-Learning Community  by David Whiteman, University of South Carolina. (*)
“Why Carbon Dioxide Has Such Outsized Influence On Environment”  A brief article by Jason West of UNC Chapel Hill with some of the science behind greenhouse gases.



Big Lonely Doug  by Harley Rustad
The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love 
by Kristen Kimball
Fruitless Fall
  by Rowan Jacobsen
The Future of Life  by E. O. Wilson (**)
Honeybee Democracy  by Thomas D. Seeley
Omnivore's Dilemma  by Michael Pollan
Silent Spring  by Rachel Carson
Waste  by Kate O’Neill



  (*) point of personal privilege: David is an old friend from undergraduate days.
(**) Lexington resident and MCC Music Department member Pamela Marshall has written a cantata in part inspired by this book, also titled The Future of Life. For more information about the work, please go to Ms. Marshall's web site.

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