About Us

Sustainability Advisory Committee:
Christopher Fiori, Chair
Pat Hyde, Associate Chair

Contact info: sustainability@middlesex.mass.edu

Peg Bloy, Coordinator of Dental Assisting Program
Michael Cermak, Faculty, Sociology
Sheri Denk, Coordinator, Center for Community Engagement 
Christopher Fiori, Director, Student Account Office
Donna Gray, Faculty, Psychology
Scott Higinbotham, Faculty, Mathematics
Pat Hunt, Advisor, Academic, Career and Transfer Center 
Pat Hyde, Faculty, Developmental English
Jessie Klein, Faculty, Science 
Doug Moffat, Faculty, Science
Frank Morande, Safety and Environmental Officer, Facilities
Mary Ann Niles, Assistant Dean of ARIT
Scott O'Neil, Director, Enrollment Communications
Catherine Pride, Faculty, Psychology
Laurie Ranger, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Shirley Salamone, Staff Assistant, Enrollment Management, Research and Planning
Anahit Shahinian, Faculty, Humanities
Marilyn Yeo, Personal Counselor, Counseling


Last Modified: 3/20/14