Past Fellowship Programs

Belize Experience - a three-credit, 14-day research experience in June to study coral reef ecology and conservation. In preparation for the trip, students attend classes on the cultural and economic importance of reef ecosystems and also attend a retreat prior to departure. Most activities occur while students are on the boat or are scuba diving and/or snorkeling on the reef in Belize. Specific activities include data collection, underwater photography, journal entries, and data analysis. Students who are interested in the Belize Fellowship must register for the spring ENV 121 Coral Reef Ecology course.

Cambodia Experience - a three-credit course focused on the culture and history of Cambodia within a social/political/economic context and includes a two week travel study-service learning experience during the end of May and early June. Students will spend time in the capital city Phnom Penh and then travel to Siem Reap to tour the ancient temple Angkor Wat. 

China Experience
The China Fellowship provides funding for a three-credit course the HUM/SOC 121 China Experience starting mid-spring on the culture, literature, language, and history of China. There is also a required on-campus retreat prior to departure. The two week in-country study abroad includes an immersive cultural and academic focus in Shanghai, Mt Tai, Xi’an, and Beijing. Students who are interested in this Fellowship are encouraged to take the spring LAN 191/192 Beginning Chinese

Costa Rica Experience - a three-credit course that includes a two week travel component during the end of May or early June. While in Costa Rica, students will have both a cultural immersion and an ecological conservation experience. The program includes service learning activities focused on the protection of nature in Costa Rica. 

India Experience - the India fellowship provides funding for two MCC students to participate in the three-credit UML Principles of Innovations course. Students will travel to Hubli, India with Professor Ashwin Mehta and Professor Deb Finch to KLE Technological University to learn alongside KLE students. 
The 19 day course will cover different forms of entrepreneurship such as small businesses, growth ventures, corporate and social entrepreneurship and turning innovation into reality. Students will work in teams to bring product ideas to market. Business and Engineering students will be given preference.  Two spots for MCC students have already been reserved in the course. 


UK-Ireland Experience:  The HUM/SOC 120 UK-Ireland Experience is an on-campus and study abroad experience in the UK and Ireland that focuses on traditional and contemporary British and Irish cultures.  Academic and study tour components place an emphasis on situating contemporary England, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland in a literary, historical, and social context. The readings for the course include selections designed to provide comparisons between in-country and American cultural values. This course satisfies a Behavioral Science Elective or Social Science Elective. 

Ireland Experience
 - a three-credit, two-week program held in Ireland during the first and second weeks of June. Students attend classes each day on the history and culture of Ireland. Excursions are planned in the afternoon and evening. Students and advisors will spend one week in Dublin at St. Patrick's College and one week in Belfast at Stranmillis University College. Academic preparation prior to the Fellowship is required, as well as a Service-Learning component during the stay in Ireland.

Peru Experience - a three credit service learning experience during the first two weeks of June that will provide an opportunity for students who are Health Career majors and/or fluent in Spanish to carry forth the college's mission of service to regions beyond our borders while using the skills they have learned in the classroom. Students will be providing healthcare service to individuals and families in an underserved village outside of Trujillo, Peru regarding health, hygiene, nutrition and sanitation. Students will also have an opportunity to share their perspectives and gain an understanding of the Peruvian philosophy of healthcare through a combination of historical, social, political and economic contexts at the University of Trujillo.

Russia Experience - a three credit course which includes an exchange program with Bryansk State Technical University (BSTU) in Bryansk, Russia. Students and staff from BSTU travel to Lowell in May and in exchange MCC students and staff travel to Moscow and Bryansk in Russia for two weeks in June. In preparation for the trip, selected fellows attend a series of classes on the history and culture of Russia as well as participate in a full day retreat. After returning from Russia, students are expected to complete a multi-media e-portfolio to share the knowledge and experience they have learned with the college community.

European Experience - a two-week program with an itinerary that changes each year. MCC faculty and students join with students and faculty from around the world, who develop projects and case studies around a common theme prior to departure. Previous programs have traveled to the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary and Italy, in collaboration with the Noordelijke Hogeschool in the Netherlands.

Spain Experience - held in Madrid during the January college break. Classes are conducted in English at the Madrid campus of Suffolk University. Cultural visits to the Prado Museum, Thyesen Museum and the Palacia Real are usually scheduled in the afternoons.

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