MCC International Fellowships

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Middlesex Community College is committed to educating students about global issues and broadening student perspectives of the world community. The MCC International Fellowship is an academic opportunity for MCC students to study a country's culture, literature, and history and then visit that country. Since 1992, Middlesex has offered fellowships to China, Russia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Spain, UK-Ireland, Europe, Belize, Morocco, and Peru. Fellowships vary from year to year, and the choice of country depends on funding, travel restrictions and availability.


MCC students must apply for a MCC International Fellowship. Once accepted, they are enrolled in a three-credit course, which may be used as either Humanities or Social Science credit. The Morocco Experience may also be taken as a BUS elective, and the Belize Fellowship is a Science credit.

The on campus course includes a series of lectures, readings, papers, e-portfolio, and other requirements focusing on the culture, literature, economics, and history of the country studied. One component of the Fellowship is a visit to the country itself. The cost of the visit is subsidized by the college. MCC faculty and/or staff accompany each Fellowship.  All Fellowships satisfy the following ISLOs: Multicultural and Global Literacy, Written and Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, and Personal and Professional Development.

The cost of each Fellowship is non-refundable $500.  Belize is $800.  The Fellowship includes program fee, round-trip airfare,in-country transportation, accommodations, most meals, and tuition for the course. The cost does not include expenses for passports, visa fee if needed, non-program excursions, additional health insurance, travel immunizations and incidentals. Any student may apply who is currently enrolled in a degree program, will complete 12 credits of coursework at MCC by the semester end of the application date, is at least 18 years-old, and has a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The video below highlights the benefits of study abroad through the Fellowship programs.

Study Abroad Video


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