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Become a Campus Catalyst!

The Merrimack Valley Sandbox Initiative is interested in you! Someone who has an IDEA and wants an opportunity to experiment and put it into ACTION! Your idea can take shape as a for-profit or non-profit venture. The Sandbox prefers socially responsible projects that benefit the environment, the local community or society as a whole.

Initial grant of $500, plus support and growth opportunities will be provided to the most promising projects.

The Sandbox approves proposals on the following criteria:

  • Opportunity: Identifies a market or need that is relevant to the campus, community or society as a whole.
  • Social Responsibility: Accounts for community and environmental impact in addition to project's main purpose.
  • Innovation: Draws on a new idea, product, or service, or an innovative way of looking at an old problem.
  • Sustainability: Shows potential to continue in a financially sustainable way.
  • Student Driven: Based on ideas generated or championed by students.
  • Student Teams: Consisting of 2-5 enrolled students.
  • Practicality: Designed to use the grant in an efficient manner.

Campus Catalyst Guidelines

1st Stage Proposal (New Projects)

2nd Stage Proposal (Continuing Projects)

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Last Modified: 3/20/18