MCC Student Activities Travel Request Form

Rebecca Newell * (978)656-3363 * email: * Bedford Campus: Campus Center, 203 * Lowell Campus: City 407*

This form is required for all off-campus travel organized by MCC clubs and organizations.

Dates of Travel


Will you be staying overnight?

If yes, will you require accommodations?*

* SUGA Funds may not be used for hotels less than 40 miles from campus.

Hotel Information


What are your transportation needs? (check all that apply)



Terms and Conditions - Please read carefully:

1. This form must be completed in its entirety and submitted no later than six weeks prior to departure (only 3 weeks, if not overnight). A meeting is required with the Director of Leadership Development and Student Activities to discuss details for all overnight travel.

2. All student travel requires signed risk and release forms prior to departure. These can be picked up in the Student Activities Office.

3. All College policies (as stated in the Student Handbook) apply when traveling.

4. S.U.G.A. funds do not apply towards meals, phone calls, or personal spending.

5. Reimbursements are not encouraged. All expenses must be planned ahead of time. Unforeseen costs may be spent at discretion of advisor.

6. If the travel request is approved, the Student Activities Office will make all arrangements.

, I have read the above paragraphs and have scheduled my appointment to meet with the Director of Leadership Development and Student Activities. I understand all policies and procedures agree to abide by all regulations.
(By clicking yes you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions above. If you do not click yes your form will not be processed.)

This form must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities no later than three weeks prior to departure.
Thank you!

Last Modified: 11/15/16