MCC Student Activities Student Organization Update Form

Rebecca Newell * (978)656-3763 * email: * Bedford Campus: Campus Center, 203 * Lowell Campus: City 407*

Where are club/organization meetings held?:

How often does the club/organization meet?:

Please designate the current officers below:

Terms and Conditions - Please read carefully:

1. We agree to follow all college policies and regulations, the Laws of the Commonwealth, and the entire Constitution of the United States. The person submitting this form acknowledges that they understand, and agree to abide by all applicable regulations/laws as they pertain to student organizations. Such regulations include, but are not limited to:

a. College Policies: those stated in the Student Handbook and in The Beacon specifically in reference to organization recognition, student action, guest speakers, solicitation, posting policies, distribution of printed material, and fiscal responsibility.

b. Hazing: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1985 law: Hazing Act, Chapter 269, sections 17-19, which strictly prohibits any form of "hazing" on campuses throughout the State. A copy of the law is included in the registration packet. Submitting this form represents that you have received a copy of the law on behalf of your club/organization; that you will distribute copies of the law to each member, and that you and the organization understand and agree to abide by the law.

c. Organization Funds: All organizations are strictly prohibited by law from holding their own bank account and from collecting any funds in any manner without the express permission of the Director of Leadership Development and Student Activities.

d. Membership: All students at MCC must be eligible to participate in an organization's activities and to become members of the organization. If there are any academic restrictions to membership, they must be clearly stated in the club/organization's charter and constitution, and these must relate directly to the functional purpose of the organization. All meetings must be open to all students and college staff and faculty. Persons who are not students attending MCC may not become members of the club/organization.

Last Modified: 11/15/16